Baagho – Kish Island – Iran

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You can explore Kish Island through an interactive tour.

Kish has a long history of cultivating palm trees.  Most travelers who have visited Kish in past centuries have mentioned the island’s dense palm groves. Unfortunately, most of them have been destroyed in the past decades. “Bagh-e Behest” is the only remaining palm grove from past times and is situated in the west of the Safeyn district.  It is one of the island’s most beautiful groves and is especially spectacular at sunset. In the last decade, KFZO has paid special attention to palm trees in its landscape design for Kish Island.  The Tolou (Sunrise) and Ghoroub (Sunset) palm groves are examples of this.  Tolou palm grove is in the east of the island, with almost 15kms of area space and its saplings were planted in 1994.

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