Green Tree Complex

Green Tree Complex – Kish Island – Iran

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At the end of the longest ancient alluvial path in Kish, surface waters run into the north of the island, to a valley known as the Portuguese Valley, making it a particularly green area.   The Green Tree Complex is built around one of the island’s oldest lure trees.   The greenery of the enclosure, the buildings, wooden parapets and pavements bring to mind the northern parts of the country.  But, one of the factors attracting tourists to this area is the legendary awe of the Green Tree.  This is the island’s oldest lure tree, and has a life of probably 500-600 years.   Thread or material can be seen knotted on the tree branches, making it appear holy at first sight.  Some people believe this is an auspicious tree, and so tie pieces of material to it to make their wishes come true.  “The Green Tree Complex”, with its beautiful alcoves and numerous barbecue areas has been renovated for the visitors to rest and visit free of charge.  The pavements lit with lanterns among the evergreen spaces ornate with colourful bourgainvillia flowers, all lure you toward the main attraction of the complex. A prayer room, seasonal restaurant, buffet and lavatories are also available in this complex.  The Green Tree Complex is adjacent to two important tourist attractions in Kish and has two entrances.  One of them is a common door with the “Harireh ancient city”, and the other is next to the “Traditional water reservoir”.  Both places are within walking distance of the Green Tree Complex.

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