Mirmohana Park

Mirmohana Park – Kish Island – Iran

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The Mir Mohana Recreational beach park is a must see in the north-northwest of Kish Island.  Mir Mohana recreational pier is also situated in this park.  This large, public park extends from Khatam ol-Anbia mosque to Jask Sq along the coastline.  The only fishing pier of Mir Mohana has divided it into two separate sections.  Phase 1 extends from Khatam ol-Anbia mosque to the fishing pier, and the second part starts after the fishing pier to Jask Sq.  Phase 1 has an area of 41 thousand square metres, with walking paths, alcoves, and barbecue area for tourists.  A characteristic of Phase 1 is that, next to Khatam ol-Anbia mosque there is a beach prayer room, the Arab Bazaar, public library, fish market with fresh southern fish, cycling path, some buffets and coffee shops.  Also, at the end of the park’s phase 1, turtles can often be seen along the fishing boat, which is a very enjoyable sight.  Tourists and islanders can fish on the Mir Mohana recreational pier and in the park at permitted times, but swimming is forbidden in the park enclosure.  Phase 2 measures 50 thousand square metres and its landscaping is coming to an end.  Two playgrounds will also be built on this side.  The feature of phase 2 is its park, next to the old Safeyn Jame’e mosque and the native district of Kish.

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